The OMMProvider class provides a proxy to make OMMProviderCmds.

Namespace: ThomsonReuters.RFA.SessionLayer
Assembly: RFA8_NET110_x64 (in RFA8_NET110_x64.dll) Version:


public sealed class OMMProvider : EventSource
Visual Basic
Public NotInheritable Class OMMProvider _
	Inherits EventSource
Visual C++
public ref class OMMProvider sealed : public EventSource
type OMMProvider =  
        inherit EventSource


An OMMProvider allows for submition of market data information using interactive or non-interactive OMM provider models. Interactive OMM provider sends market data to its clients to fulfill their requests. Interactive OMM provider receives item requests by means of OMMSolicitedItemEvents and uses OMMSolicitedItemCmd to send back requested data. Non-interactive OMM provider sends or "pumps" market data to its clients wothout any request. Non-interactive OMM provider must first log into its clients and then sends its market data using OMMItemCmd.

Every call to OMMProvider.Submit() returns a unique Cmd ID. This ID uniquely identifies the Cmd and is used to determine which Cmd a OMMCmdErrorEvent events belong to. An OMMCmdErrorEvent is returned to the application should a Cmd fail.

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