This is the Robust Foundation API (RFA) .NET Edition Reference Manual. This documentation provides details of the RFA .NET interface.


The RFA Common package contains an RFA-specific Event Distribution mechanism that is used by the RFA Session Layer, Logger, Data, and Message packages. It supports RDM through abstract interfaces. It also provides some additional interfaces that are used to integrate all packages. The current version of the RFA Common package does not expose interfaces that would allow using the package on its own
The RFA Config package includes a generic interface that allows an application using the RFA Session Layer package and/or the RFA Logger package to configure these two packages. The configuration interfaces can also be used by the application to configure itself
The RFA Data package provides the extensible payload information of the Open Message Model and RDM. The highly optimized, hierarchical data interfaces depict self-describing, field-ID based, sequential-based, associative-based and tabular market-related data
The RFA Logger package includes a generic set of interfaces that is used by the RFA Session Layer to log messages. An application that uses the RFA Session Layer can receive the log messages produced by it. Additionally, applications can use the RFA Logger package to log application-specific messages. The package also provides some support for message internationalization
The RFA Message package provides the extensible header information of the Open Message Model. It provides a generic Request Message and a generic Response Message. Using these interfaces, an application can access RDM header information from the Session Layer
Private Streams provides applications with a capability for privately accessing and exchanging market information. The private streams are exclusively established between two points or users. It means that data flowing on private streams is not shared with other users.
Reuters Domain Models. The RFA RDM package consists of interfaces containing Reuters Domain Model specific definitions that can be used by the application and Dictionary utility interfaces. The definitions in these interfaces will be made extensible in the future
The RFA Session Layer package provides data-neutral subscription, publication and contribution access to Reuters Data Feed Direct (RDFD) 1.x and Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform for Real-Time (TREP-RT) through a high-performance, thread-aware solution that offers management services, entitlements, and Quality of Service.