The PostMsg type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAttribInfo
Gets or sets the attribute information.
Public propertyDataType
Gets the type of contained Data.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyEncodedBuffer
Gets or sets the encoded buffer.
(Overrides Data..::..EncodedBuffer.)
Public propertyHeader
Gets or sets the header buffer.
Public propertyHintMask
Gets the Hint Mask.
(Inherited from Msg.)
Public propertyIndicationMask
Gets or sets the indication mask.
(Inherited from Msg.)
Public propertyIsBlank
Gets the boolean value to determine the message is blank.
(Inherited from Msg.)
Public propertyMajorVersion
Gets the Data's RWF major version.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyMinorVersion
Gets the Data's RWF minor version.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyMsgModelType
Gets or sets the message model type.
(Inherited from Msg.)
Public propertyMsgType
Gets the Message type.
(Inherited from Msg.)
Public propertyPayload
Gets or sets the payload data.
Public propertyPermissionData
Gets or sets the permission data, which contains authorization information associated to the Post.
Public propertyPostID
Gets or sets the post id.
Public propertyPostUserRightsMask
Gets or sets the Post User Rights (PSUR) associated with the post message.
Public propertyPrincipalIdentity
Gets or sets the publisher id.
Public propertySeqNum
Gets or sets the sequence number on the PostMsg.
Public propertyStreamID
Gets or sets the StreamID.
(Inherited from Msg.)

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