The ElementList type exposes the following members.


Public propertyContentMask
Gets related type information.
Public propertyDataDefID
Gets or sets the DataDef identifier associated to the Defined Data content.
Public propertyDataType
Gets the type of contained Data.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyElementListNum
Gets or sets the ElementList Number. (also known as a Template number).
Public propertyEncodedBuffer
Gets or sets the raw encoded Buffer.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyHintMask
Gets presence of contained interfaces.
Public propertyIsBlank
Gets the boolean value to determine the value of data is blank.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyMajorVersion
Gets the Data's RWF major version.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyMinorVersion
Gets the Data's RWF minor version.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyStandardDataCount
Gets the number of ElementEntries from Standard Data.

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