The DataBuffer type exposes the following members.


Public propertyDataBufferType
Gets or sets type of DataBuffer.
Public propertyDataType
Gets the type of contained Data.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyDate
Gets or sets a Date data.
Public propertyDateTime
Gets or sets a DateTime data.
Public propertyDouble
Gets or sets a Double data.
Public propertyEncodedBuffer
Gets or sets the raw encoded Buffer.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyEncodedType
Gets type of the encoded DataBuffer.
Public propertyEnumeration
Gets or sets data as an Enumeration.
Public propertyFloat
Gets or sets a Float data.
Public propertyInt
Gets or sets an Int data.
Public propertyIsBlank
Gets the boolean value to determine value of data is blank(i.e., empty).
(Overrides Data..::..IsBlank.)
Public propertyIsPartialUpdates
Gets the boolean value to determine data contains partial field updates.
Public propertyMajorVersion
Gets the Data's RWF major version.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyMinorVersion
Gets the Data's RWF minor version.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyQualityOfServiceInfo
Gets or sets Data as a QualityOfServiceInfo.
Public propertyReal
Gets or sets a Real data.
Public propertyRespStatus
Gets or sets data as a Response Status.
Public propertyTime
Gets or sets a Time data.
Public propertyUInt
Gets or sets an UInt data.

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