Gets the Boolean value to determin the iterator has been initialized with the data object passed from Initialize() earlier.

Namespace: ThomsonReuters.RFA.Data
Assembly: RFA8_NET110_x64 (in RFA8_NET110_x64.dll) Version:


public bool IsInitialized { get; }
Visual Basic
Public ReadOnly Property IsInitialized As Boolean
Visual C++
property bool IsInitialized {
	bool get ();
member IsInitialized : bool

Field Value

The Boolean value.

If return true, Clear() needs be called to reuse the same iterator to encode new data on the same data object. If use the same iterator to encode data with a new data object, Initialize() must be called to initialize the iterator with the new data object.

If return false, Initialize() needs to be called to initialize an iterator with a data object to be encoded.

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