Gets or sets the contained Data.

Namespace: ThomsonReuters.RFA.Data
Assembly: RFA8_NET110_x64 (in RFA8_NET110_x64.dll) Version:


public override Data Data { get; set; }
Visual Basic
Public Overrides Property Data As Data
Visual C++
virtual property Data^ Data {
	Data^ get () override;
	void set (Data^ value) override;
abstract Data : Data with get, set
override Data : Data with get, set

Field Value

The contained Data with no specified formal parameter.


To decode DefinedData, requires type information to have already been explicitly or implicitly provided. Explicitly on the start method of the iterator. Implicitly as identifed by the DefinedData available from the FieldList. This method can be used to extract StandardData without the use of a dictionary, though the type of data will be unknown. For an entry obtained from the read iterator, the Session Layer specifies the contained Data.

If application specifies input data on the set accessor, the get accessor returns a reference to internal copy of the input data specified by the set accessor. In this case, the returned reference is always valid. Encoded Range: 0 <= x < 64K.


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