The RFA Session Layer package provides data-neutral subscription, publication and contribution access to Reuters Data Feed Direct (RDFD) 1.x and Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform for Real-Time (TREP-RT) through a high-performance, thread-aware solution that offers management services, entitlements, and Quality of Service.


Public classClientSessionStatus
The status portion a OMMClientSessionCmd.
Public classConnectionEvent
The ConnectionEvent class contains information about the connection.
Public classConnectionStatus
ConnectionStatus provides the connection status of a connection.
Public classItemToken
This class is used to identify an indiviual item for non-interactive provider.
Public classOMMActiveClientSessionEvent
A new client session request to the interactive provider.
Public classOMMClientSessionCmd
This Cmd class is used with the Submit() call with respect to the requested client session request.
Public classOMMClientSessionIntSpec
The OMMClientSessionIntSpec interface represents an interest for accepting a particular client session request.
Public classOMMClientSessionItemIntSpec
The OMMClientSessionItemIntSpec interface represents an interest for accepting a particular client session request.
Public classOMMClientSessionListenerIntSpec
The OMMClientSessionListenerIntSpec class is used to register OMMProvider interest in listening for client session requests from listening port(s).
Public classOMMCmd
A OMMCmd is a base class for OMM***Cmd classes.
Public classOMMCmdErrorEvent
This event occurs when an error is generated during a Submit() call.
Public classOMMConnectionEvent
The OMMConnectionEvent class provides users witht he information about connections / servers to which client app is connected to.

OMMConnectionEvent provides the following information about client's connections:


2) list of product versions (one per connection)

3) information about connected port and host name (for TCP / IP connection types)

4) information about multi cast addresses and ports (for MCAST connecction types)

Public classOMMConnectionIntSpec
The OMMConnectionIntSpec class is used to register for connection events from the OMMProvider.
Public classOMMConnectionStatsEvent
The OMMConnectionStatsEvent class provides OMMProvider or OMMConsumer information on connection statistics of a connection.

The statistics about the number of bytes written and read are provided periodically over a time period specified by the application while registering to this event.

Public classOMMConnectionStatsIntSpec
The OMMConnectionStatsIntSpec class is used to register OMMProvider or OMMConsumer interest in connection statistics events
Public classOMMConsumer
OMMConsumer is a proxy through which OMM subscriptions can be made.
Public classOMMErrorIntSpec
The OMMErrorIntSpec class is used to register for error events related to the Submit() method of OMMProvider and OMMConsumer.
Public classOMMErrorStatus
OMMErrorStatus provides service status events related to the OMMProvider.
Public classOMMHandleItemCmd
The OMMHandleItemCmd class is used by OMMConsumer to send messages via Submit() to OMMProvider.
Public classOMMInactiveClientSessionEvent
The client session request event received by the OMMProvider to close the client session.
Public classOMMIntSpec
The OMMIntSpec class is the base class for OMMProvider and OMMConsumer interest specifications.
Public classOMMItemCmd
The OMMItemCmd class is used to provide item information via the Submit() of OMMProvider.
Public classOMMItemEvent
The OMMItemEvent class is received by OMM Consumer application in response to an OMM Subscription (OMMItemIntSpec) that this application sent to OMM Provider.
Public classOMMItemIntSpec
OMM Subscription InterestSpec.
Public classOMMListenerConnectionIntSpec
The OMMListenerConnectionIntSpec class is used to register OMMProvider interest in connection events from listening port(s).
Public classOMMProvider
The OMMProvider class provides a proxy to make OMMProviderCmds.
Public classOMMSolicitedItemCmd
The OMMSolicitedItemCmd class is used to send messages via the Submit() method of OMMProvider back to the client session connected to this OMMProvider.
Public classOMMSolicitedItemEvent
OMMSolicitedItemEvent is received by OMM Provider application as an indication of interest in item or connection request expressed by OMM Consumer application.
Public classRequestToken
The RequestToken identifies individual item requests on managed publisher or OMM provider side.
Public classSession
The RFA Session Layer package provides data-neutral subscription, publication and contribution access to Elektron and the Elektron Platform through a high - performance thread - aware solution.
Public classSessionLayerCmdTypeEnum
SessionLayer CMD Type.
Public classSessionLayerEventSourceTypeEnum
SessionLayer EventSource Type.
Public classSessionLayerEventTypeEnum
SessionLayer Event Type.
Public classSessionLayerInterestSpecTypeEnum
SessionLayer InterestSpec Type.


Public enumerationClientSessionStatus..::..StateEnum
Indicates the various types of client session states.
Public enumerationClientSessionStatus..::..StatusCodeEnum
Indicates the various types of client session status codes.
Public enumerationConnectionEvent..::..ConnectionTypeEnum
Indicates the various types of connection types.
Public enumerationConnectionStatus..::..StateEnum
Indicates the service states.
Public enumerationConnectionStatus..::..StatusCodeEnum
Indicates the service status codes.
Public enumerationOMMErrorStatus..::..StateEnum
Indicates the various types of state.
Public enumerationOMMErrorStatus..::..StatusCodeEnum
Indicates the various types of status code.