The RFA Logger package includes a generic set of interfaces that is used by the RFA Session Layer to log messages. An application that uses the RFA Session Layer can receive the log messages produced by it. Additionally, applications can use the RFA Logger package to log application-specific messages. The package also provides some support for message internationalization


Public classApplicationLogger
The application logger is used to log logevents to either an NT Event Logger or Logger client.
Public classAppLoggerInterestSpec
AppLoggerInterestSpec provides message filter ability used to define an interest in set of messages generated by logger component.
Public classAppLoggerMonitor
Interface used to monitor and generate events.
Public classComponentLogger
The ComponentLogger class is an interface used to log received log messages to either an NT Event Logger or Logger client.
Public classLoggerEventSourceTypeEnum
The logger event source type.
Public classLoggerEventTypeEnum
The logger event type.
Public classLoggerInterestSpecTypeEnum
The logger interest spec type.
Public classLoggerNotifyEvent
The logger event.