The RFA Common package contains an RFA-specific Event Distribution mechanism that is used by the RFA Session Layer, Logger, Data, and Message packages. It supports RDM through abstract interfaces. It also provides some additional interfaces that are used to integrate all packages. The current version of the RFA Common package does not expose interfaces that would allow using the package on its own


Public classBuffer
The Buffer class encapsulates a binary buffer.
Public classCmd
The Cmd class is a base clas for Cmd entities.
Public classCommonEventSourceTypeEnum
Public classCommonEventTypeEnum
Public classCommonInterestSpecTypeEnum
Public classCommonPrincipalIdentityTypeEnum
Public classComplEvent
The optional Completion Event(ComplEvent) may be requested to be sent when no other events will be received for a particular interest.
Public classContext
The main purpose of the Context interface is to support integration of multiple RFA Packages into a single application and to coordinate the interaction between these packages. The interface defines a set of static methods and does not have any non-static methods.
Public classData
The Data class is an abstract class for representing the Data Structure.
Public classDataDef
The DataDef class describes the Data without containing the actual data, using various identifiers and separators.
Public classDataDef..::..DefTypeEnum
Public classDispatchable
A dispatchable entity.
Public classDispatchable..::..DispatchReturnEnum
Dispatch return values.
Public classDispatchable..::..DispatchTimeoutEnum
Dispatch timeout options.
Public classEvent
Asynchronous responses for the application.
Public classEventQueue
A queue of pending asychronous Events waiting for the application to process them.
Public classEventQueueGroup
A group of EventQueues.
Public classEventSource
The EventSource interface is a common base class for all interfaces that can be used to register an interest of any type.
Public classException
RFA Exception class.
Public classException..::..CommonErrorClassificationTypeEnum
To identify the source of the error.
Public classException..::..CommonErrorSeverityTypeEnum
Different levels of severity.
Public classException..::..CommonErrorTypeEnum
Type of Error.
Public classGeneralExceptionStatus
The GeneralExceptionStatus interface indicating the general status of the interface that threw the exception.
Public classInterestSpec
Interest Specification.
Public classInvalidConfigurationException
The InvalidConfigurationException is a concrete RFA exception type which represent a specific error condition. This exception allows RFA exception to be caught in a single catch handler,such as missing or incorrect configuration parameters.
Public classInvalidUsageException
The InvalidUsageException is a concrete RFA exception type which represent a specific error condition. This exception allows RFA exception to be caught in a single catch handler,such as invalid input parameters or call sequence.
Public classLogMsgMap
The LogMsgMap is used to pass a map of string ID's and strings to the component logger.
Public classMsg
The Msg is the base class for request, response, and other messages passed to OMMConsumer and OMMProvider.
Public classOutOfRangeException
The OutOfRangeException is a concrete RFA exception type which represent a specific error condition. This exception allows RFA exception to be caught in a single catch handler, such as value ot of range.
Public classPrincipalIdentity
The PrincipalIdentity is used as a base class for concrete implementations for RFA identification.
Public classPublisherPrincipalIdentity
The PublisherPrincipalIdentity is used to define publisher identity information.
Public classQualityOfService
The QualityOfService class is used to define the quality of the data requested or provided.
Public classQualityOfServiceInfo
The QualityOfServiceInfo class is used to associate a quality of service with an instance count.
Public classQualityOfServiceRequest
The QualityOfServiceRequest is used to define the service quality requested or provided.
Public classRespStatus
The RespStatus class indicates the status of an item stream which includes response state, stream state, data state etc.
Public classRespStatus..::..StatusCodeEnum
Representation of possible status codes.
Public classRFA_String
The RFA_String class is a representation of a sequence of characters.
Public classRFA_WString
The RFA_WString class has functionality as same as RFA_String but RFA_WString supports unicode characters.
Public classRFAVersionInfo
The main purpose of the RFAVersionInfo interface is retrieve the RFA product version.
Public classRMTESConverter
The RMTESConverter class is an interface to be used to convert RMTES encoded string into a string of Unicode format.
Public classStandardPrincipalIdentity
The StandardPrincipalIdentity is used to define publisher identity information.
Public classStatus
The Status class is base class of the status portion of an event.
Public classSystemException
The SystemException class is a concrete RFA exception type which represent a specific error condition for indicating a Structured Exception Handling exception occurred in RFA C++ API.
Public classToken
The Token class references and maintains state on an internal data structure.


Public interfaceClient
A client callback for receiving and processing of asynchronous events.
Public interfaceDispatchableNotificationClient
The base class that its children will implement the Notify() method.


Public enumerationCommonErrorSeverityTypeEnum
Public enumerationEventQueueGroup..::..AlgorithmTypeEnum
The available dispatch algorithms for the queue groups.
Public enumerationEventQueueGroup..::..QueuePriorityEnum
The available queue priorities for the queues within the queue group.
Public enumerationGeneralExceptionStatus..::..StateEnum
Represents exception state; reason for failure.
Public enumerationGeneralExceptionStatus..::..StatusCodeEnum
Provides detailed explanation for failure.
Public enumerationQualityOfServiceRequest..::..StreamPropertyEnum
Stream properties.
Public enumerationRespStatus..::..DataStateEnum
Representation of possible data states.
Public enumerationRespStatus..::..StreamStateEnum
Representation of possible stream states.