Returns the Dictionary identifier, which is used to reference a dictionary that contains Field identifiers and fields associated to each Field identifier.

Namespace: ThomsonReuters.RFA.Data
Assembly: RFA8_NET110_x64 (in RFA8_NET110_x64.dll) Version:


public short GetInfoDictID()
Visual Basic
Public Function GetInfoDictID As Short
Visual C++
short GetInfoDictID()
member GetInfoDictID : unit -> int16 

Return Value

The Dictionary identifier.


One of the fields associated to each Field identifier is type information that can be used to obtain StandardData contained in the FieldEntries. Use of a dictionary requires the Dictionary identifier to be present in the first refresh of the initial RespMsg or first refresh following a Invalid usage. (as indicated by the Invalid usage. accessible via the RespMsg). A FieldList can support multiple dictionaries.

A FieldEntry with the reserved Field identifier of zero indicates a temporary change to the Dictionary identifier. In this case, the value of the Dictionary identifier is then in the contained data of this FieldEntry. This temporary change is solely scoped to this FieldList instance or until a subsequent FieldEntry additionally has a Field Identifier of zero.

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