Returns the contained Data with specified formal parameter of type information.

Namespace: ThomsonReuters.RFA.Data
Assembly: RFA8_NET110_x64 (in RFA8_NET110_x64.dll) Version:


public Data GetData(
	byte type
Visual Basic
Public Function GetData ( _
	type As Byte _
) As Data
Visual C++
Data^ GetData(
	unsigned char type
member GetData : 
        type:byte -> Data 


Type: System..::..Byte
Type of DataBuffer.DataBufferEnum defined by data dictionary.

Possible values are defined in DataBuffer..::..DataBufferEnum.

Return Value

The contained Data.


Requires type information not to be contained in the FieldEntry. Requires specification of a type that is either a DataType or DataBufferType, which are always unique. DataType and DataBufferType are obtainable from a Dictionary. For an entry obtained from the read iterator, the Session Layer specifies the contained Data.

If application specifies input data on the set accessor Data property, this method returns a reference to internal copy of the input data specified by the set accessor. In this case, the returned reference is always valid. Encoded Range: 0 <= x < 64K.

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