The ConnectionEvent type exposes the following members.


Public methodClone
Creates a clone of ConnectionEvent. This method always creates a complete copy of the ConnectionEvent.
Public methodDestroy
Destroys a clone of an event.
(Inherited from Event.)
Public methodInterfaceClone
InterfaceClone method. To be used through ICloneable.
(Overrides Event..::..InterfaceClone()()()().)
Public methodToRFA_String
String representation of this object.
(Overrides Event..::..ToRFA_String()()()().)
Public methodToString
String representation of this object.
(Overrides Event..::..ToString()()()().)


Public propertyClosure
Gets the closure object.
(Inherited from Event.)
Public propertyConnectionName
Gets the related ConnectionName specified for this connection.
Public propertyConnectionType
Gets the related ConnectionType specified for this connection.
Public propertyEventAge
Gets the event age.
(Inherited from Event.)
Public propertyEventQueue
Gets the event queue object.
(Inherited from Event.)
Public propertyEventSource
Gets the source of the event.
(Inherited from Event.)
Public propertyHandle
Gets the handle for this event.
(Inherited from Event.)
Public propertyIsEventStreamClosed
Gets the boolean value to determine the event stream has been closed.
(Inherited from Event.)
Public propertyStatus
Gets the related ConnectionStatus specified for this connection.
Public propertyType
Gets the event type.
(Inherited from Event.)

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