Definition of the type and length information that should be used with a field.

The RDMFidDef..::..OMMTypeEnum type exposes the following members.


Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_ANSI_PAGE
Indicates AnsiPage.
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_ARRAY
Array is a simple container of ordered entries each known as an ArrayEntry.
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_ASCII_STRING
Indicates an 8-bit characters encoding using the Reuters Basic Character Set (RBCS). RBCS is also used for Marketfeed. The first 128 characters are equivalent to the ASCII character set (ANSI X3.4-1968) (a primitive type).
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_BUFFER
Indicates a Buffer (a primitive type).
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_DATE
A 4 byte value that represents a Gregorian date (a primitive type).
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_DATE_TIME
An 8 byte combination of a Date and a Time (a primitive type).
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_DOUBLE
An 8-byte value that has a range of -1.7e308 to +1.7e308 with an accuracy of 14 to 15 digits.
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_ELEMENT_LIST
An ElementList is a container of flexible self-describing named entries known as ElementEntry(s).
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_ENUM
A 2-byte signed value that can be expanded to a language specific string in an EnumTable Dictionary (a primitive type).
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_FIELD_LIST
The FieldList is a Container of identifier/value pairs Entries each known as a FieldEntry.
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_FILTER_LIST
A FilterList is a Container of loosely coupled Entries each known as FilterEntry.
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_FLOAT
A 4-byte value that has a range of -3.4e38 to +3.4e38 with an accuracy of 6 to 7 decimal digits.
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_INT
A signed integer (a primitive type).
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_MAP
A Map is a Container of manipulable associative key value paired Entries each known as a MapEntry.
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_MSG
Indicates a MSG.
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_OPAQUE
Indicates an OPAQUE.
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_QOS
Indicates Quality Of Service Info.
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_REAL
An precion value (up to 14 places after the decimal) for decimals, fractional or exponentials (a primitive type).
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_RMTES_STRING
Reuters Multilingual Text Encoding Standard (can contain partial field update semantics).
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_SERIES
A Series is a Container of accruable repetitive structured Entries each known as SeriesEntry.
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_STATUS
Indicates Status Info.
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_TIME
A 4 byte value that includes information for hours, minutes, seconds, and time zone (a primitive type).
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_UINT
A unsigned integer (a primitive type).
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_UNKNOWN
Unidentify type.
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_UTF8_STRING
Indicates a UTF-8 encoding of ISO 10646 (specified in section 3.9 of the Unicode 4.0 standard and IETF's RFC 3629) (a primitive type).
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_VECTOR
A Vector is a Container of position-oriented highly manipulable Entries each known as a VectorEntry.
Public fieldStatic memberRWF_TYPE_XML
Indicates an XML.

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