The Vector type exposes the following members.


Public methodVector
Default Constructor.


Public methodClear
Clears contained data of interfaces.
(Overrides Data..::..Clear()()()().)
Public methodDispose
Releases unmanaged resources.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public methodGetEnumerator
Returns an enumerator that iterates through Vector.
Public methodSetAssociatedMetaInfo(Int64)
Sets related meta info to the concrete Data instance through the handle.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public methodSetAssociatedMetaInfo(Byte, Byte)
Sets related meta info to the concrete Data instance. The versions passed in only can be retrieved through MajorVersion and MinorVersion properties on message.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public methodToRFA_String
String representation of this object.
(Overrides Data..::..ToRFA_String()()()().)
Public methodToString
String representation of this object.
(Overrides Data..::..ToString()()()().)


Public propertyCount
Gets the number of VectorEntries who solely contain StandardData content.
Public propertyDataDef
Gets or sets Data definitions for defined data about the Vector.
Public propertyDataDefCount
Gets or sets the number of DataDefs (not the number of entries in a DataDef).
Public propertyDataType
Gets the type of contained Data.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyEncodedBuffer
Gets or sets the raw encoded Buffer.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyHintMask
Gets presence of optionally contained interfaces and attributes.
Public propertyIndicationMask
Gets or sets a mask indicating the properties on the Vector.
Public propertyIsBlank
Gets the boolean value to determine the value of data is blank.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyMajorVersion
Gets the Data's RWF major version.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertyMinorVersion
Gets the Data's RWF minor version.
(Inherited from Data.)
Public propertySummaryData
Gets or sets The Summary Information about the Vector.
Public propertyTotalCountHint
Gets or sets hint that indicates the total number of entries spanning all refreshes.

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