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thomsonreuters Namespace Reference

This class houses all known fields loaded from an RDM field dictionary and their corresponding enum types loaded from an enum type dictionary. More...



Detailed Description

The thomsonreuters namespace contains all interfaces defined by Refinitiv.

class thomsonreuters::ema::rdm::DataDictionary DataDictionary.h "Rdm/Include/DataDictionary.h" The dictionary also saves general information about the dictionary itself This is found in the "!tag" comments of the file or in the summary data of dictionaries encoded via the official domain model.

The data dictionary must be loaded prior to using the methods to access dictionary entries.

All methods in this class are Lock-free Method.
See Also
Series, EmaString, DictionaryEntry, EnumType

A data dictionary entry, containing field information and an enumeration table reference if present.

See Also

Dicitonary Utilities that can be used by EMA application.

See Also

A single defined enumerated value.

A table of enumerated types. A field that uses this table will contain a value corresponding to an enumerated type in this table.

Enumerations used to define Marketfeed field type