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Common.h File Reference

Common.h file provides definitions of common variable types used in EMA. More...

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 The access namespace contains all interfaces and definitions specified for use with the EMA Access package.
 This class houses all known fields loaded from an RDM field dictionary and their corresponding enum types loaded from an enum type dictionary.




typedef double thomsonreuters::ema::access::Double
 represents 8-byte floating point value More...
typedef short thomsonreuters::ema::access::Int16
 represents 16-bit signed integer More...
typedef int thomsonreuters::ema::access::Int32
 represents 32-bit signed integer More...
typedef long long thomsonreuters::ema::access::Int64
 represents 64-bit signed integer More...
typedef signed char thomsonreuters::ema::access::Int8
 represents 8-bit signed integer More...
typedef unsigned short thomsonreuters::ema::access::UInt16
 represents 16-bit unsigned integer More...
typedef unsigned int thomsonreuters::ema::access::UInt32
 represents 32-bit unsigned integer More...
typedef unsigned long long thomsonreuters::ema::access::UInt64
 represents 64-bit unsigned integer More...
typedef unsigned char thomsonreuters::ema::access::UInt8
 represents 8-bit unsigned integer More...

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Definition in file Common.h.

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Definition at line 95 of file Common.h.