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thomsonreuters::ema::access::OmmConsumerEvent Class Reference

OmmConsumerEvent encapsulates item identifiers. More...

Public Member Functions

UInt64 getHandle () const
void * getClosure () const
UInt64 getParentHandle () const
const ChannelInformationgetChannelInformation () const
const ChannelStatisticsgetChannelStatistics () const


class ConsumerItem
class DictionaryItem
class LoginItem

Detailed Description

OmmConsumerEvent is used to convey item identifiers to application. OmmConsumerEvent is returned through OmmConsumerClient callback methods.

OmmConsumerEvent is a read only class. This class is used for item identification only.
All methods in this class are Lock-free Method.
See Also
OmmConsumer, OmmConsumerClient

Definition at line 38 of file OmmConsumerEvent.h.

Member Function Documentation

const ChannelInformation& thomsonreuters::ema::access::OmmConsumerEvent::getChannelInformation ( ) const

Returns the Channel Information for this event

the channel information for this event
const ChannelStatistics& thomsonreuters::ema::access::OmmConsumerEvent::getChannelStatistics ( ) const

Returns the Channel Statistics for this event

OmmInvalidUsageExceptionif it cannot get the channel statistics
the channel Statistics for this event
void* thomsonreuters::ema::access::OmmConsumerEvent::getClosure ( ) const

Returns an identifier (a.k.a., closure) associated with an open stream by consumer application Application associates the closure with an open item stream on OmmConsumer::registerClient( ... , ... , void* closure, ... )

closure value
UInt64 thomsonreuters::ema::access::OmmConsumerEvent::getHandle ( ) const

Returns a unique item identifier (a.k.a., item handle) associated by EMA with an open item stream. Item identifier is returned from OmmConsumer::registerClient(). For tunnel stream onStatusMsg() call backs this is the parent handle returned by the OmmConsume::registerClient() method. For tunnel stream sub-stream call backs this is the handle of the sub-stream itself.

item identifier or handle
UInt64 thomsonreuters::ema::access::OmmConsumerEvent::getParentHandle ( ) const

Returns current item's parent item identifier (a.k.a. parent item handle). Application specifies parent item identifier on OmmConsumer::registerClient( ... , ... , ... , UInt64 parentHandle ). For tunnel stream sub-stream call backs this is the handle of parent tunnel stream. For batch request items this is the item identifier of the top level batch request.

parent item identifier or parent handle

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ConsumerItem

Definition at line 81 of file OmmConsumerEvent.h.

friend class DictionaryItem

Definition at line 83 of file OmmConsumerEvent.h.

friend class LoginItem

Definition at line 82 of file OmmConsumerEvent.h.