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thomsonreuters::ema::access::IOCtlCode Class Reference

IOCtlCode class provides enumeration representing I/O codes for modifying I/O values programmatically using the modifyIOCtl() method of provided by OmmProvider and OmmConsumer classes. More...

Public Types

enum  IOCtlCodeEnum {
  MaxNumBuffersEnum = 1,
  NumGuaranteedBuffersEnum = 2,
  HighWaterMarkEnum = 3,
  ServerNumPoolBuffersEnum = 8,
  CompressionThresholdEnum = 9

Detailed Description

IOCtlCode::IOCtlCodeEnum is a numeric representation of I/O codes to modify option for a particular channel or server.

OmmProvider* pOmmProvider; // This provider variable is created for Interactive Provider applications.
pOmmProvider->modifyIOCtl(IOCtlCode::NumGuaranteedBuffersEnum, 500 , event.getHandle()); // Modifies the number of guaranteed buffers for the underlying channel.
See Also
OmmProvider, OmmConsumer

Definition at line 38 of file IOCtlCode.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

An enumeration representing IOCtl code.


Used for changing the max number of buffers.


Used for changing the number of guaranteed buffers.


Used to set the upper buffer usage threshold.


Used to increase or decrease the number of server shared pool buffers. This option is used for Interactive Provider applications only.


When compression is on, this value is the smallest size packet that will be compressed.

Definition at line 45 of file IOCtlCode.h.