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thomsonreuters::ema::access::ComplexType Class Reference

ComplexType class is a parent class from whom all complex data types inherit. More...

Inheritance diagram for thomsonreuters::ema::access::ComplexType:
thomsonreuters::ema::access::Data thomsonreuters::ema::access::ElementList thomsonreuters::ema::access::FieldList thomsonreuters::ema::access::FilterList thomsonreuters::ema::access::Map thomsonreuters::ema::access::Msg thomsonreuters::ema::access::OmmAnsiPage thomsonreuters::ema::access::OmmOpaque thomsonreuters::ema::access::OmmXml thomsonreuters::ema::access::Series thomsonreuters::ema::access::Vector

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ComplexType ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from thomsonreuters::ema::access::Data
const EmaStringgetCodeAsString () const
virtual DataType::DataTypeEnum getDataType () const =0
virtual DataCode getCode () const =0
virtual const EmaBuffergetAsHex () const =0
virtual const EmaStringtoString () const =0
 operator const char * () const
virtual ~Data ()

Protected Member Functions

 ComplexType ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from thomsonreuters::ema::access::Data
 Data ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from thomsonreuters::ema::access::Data
enum  DataCode {
  NoCodeEnum = 0,
  BlankEnum = 1

Detailed Description

ComplexType class represents all OMM Data constructs set-able as message payload.

Objects of this class are intended to be short lived or rather transitional.
Objects of this class are not cache-able.
All methods in this class are Lock-free Method.
See Also

Definition at line 33 of file ComplexType.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual thomsonreuters::ema::access::ComplexType::~ComplexType ( )


thomsonreuters::ema::access::ComplexType::ComplexType ( )